Retained Executive Search

Retained or contingency? 

A retained recruitment service adds value to the recruitment process, which should guarantee better recruitment of candidates as well as a reduction in recruitment fees. Retained recruiters will spend longer on your vacancies, spending more time with you to profile your ideal candidate, skill base and experience as well as understanding better your company values and recruiting within this framework. 

Candidates will get a better service, which reflects on your company branding as an employer too. Recruiters will have longer to get to know them and understand how they best fit the role and the company. Retained recruitment service providers can also ensure that their candidate search and attraction strategy is right for their client and can work closely with the candidates to really engage with them in the process and the company which has longer term benefits in terms of retention. 

In contrast the standard contingency recruitment model puts recruiters in competition against other recruiters so focusing on speed and sales ability and as a result quality is the first casualty of this process.

The use of retained executive search is an exceptional tool for companies in various industries, especially when attempting to find top-quality talent with industry expertise. Retained search saves companies both time and money when trying to locate executive level talent to hire.

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