We are Executive Recruitment at the core. We live in the new broader landscape of data, social media, and networking. The traditional process from client hiring needs to strategy to execution is too long, too limited, and too risky. The recruitment strategy should be put together by an understanding of business capability from Day One.

Similarly, hiring through technology that isn’t governed by thoughtful strategic context is equally risky. To truly accelerate hiring effectiveness through talent transformation requires a mix of assignment-specific, targeted research, a deep understanding of the industry, and an extensive talent network.

At Build Executive, we have a simple formula for success: we bring together diverse, compassionate, driven, entrepreneurial, collaborative search professionals and give them the tools and support they need to deliver. As masters of the recruitment ecosystem, Build thinks holistically to build relationships with talent that will deliver.

Our Perspective

Our recruitment and research teams work seamlessly with our clients to ensure we develop the most high-impact strategies to drive effective hiring transformation. An outside-in, customer-driven perspective creates our overall recruitment approach.

Our Approach

We structure our approach with five parallels to
transform businesses and identify talent.

Analysis and Discovery

  • Initial client briefing
  • Draft position and candidate specification
  • Final position specification

Research and
Talent Intelligence

  • Targeted research: companies, sectors and market analysis
  • Research potential candidates: systematic research, database and networks, advertising campaigns and external sources
  • Progress report to client

Candidate Development
and Assessment

  • Evaluation of internal and external candidates
  • Candidate report to client
  • Approach potential candidates
  • Competency based interview

Candidate Presentation

  • Client interviews
  • Confidential referencing process
  • Potential assessment center or psychometric measurement

and Integration

  • Letter of offer / Negotiation
  • Post appointment contact
  • Integration assistance
  • Candidate follow-up
  • Client feedback


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